7 Platforms To Make Sure People Can Find You On

Marketing your business gives you free reign over all platforms available on the internet; in fact, you should adopt the “be everywhere” mantra. Digital marketing is compelling and has re-shaped the marketing market in the world; therefore, your business can’t afford to be left out.

When it comes to marketing online, especially on social sites, the size of your business doesn’t matter. What you should focus on is creating visibility for your business and providing quality content to your audience.

Social media marketing is a doorway to immense business success when done right. However, like all other marketing techniques, social media marketing also requires strategizing. The biggest mistake businesses make with social media marketing is thinking that they don’t need a plan.

Social media marketing strategy

To start with, you need to be acquainted with social media platforms and select those best suited to your business. But most importantly, you need to define your business goals through social marketing clearly. What do you want to achieve?

Once that’s answered, proceed to define who your audience is. For this, you also need to find out where they are and the type of message that sparks their interests. Moreover, social marketing requires you to lay down your company values strongly and stand by them.

It is very easy to get lost and swept away by ever-emerging trends on the internet. To ensure you’re a safe point for your audiences, stick to your values and vocalize them. People will respect a company that doesn’t just sway whichever way the wind is blowing at the time. That loses them credibility.

However, even with that said, you also need to follow trends. It’s confusing, but the best thing is to find a balance that doesn’t render you out of date or strip you of your credibility.

How do social platforms help your business?

Today, business success depends on the relationship you have with people. Furthermore, most transactions take place on the internet. Besides, social media marketing has proven to be effective. Other benefits include:

  •    More traffic to your site
  •    Builds your company image
  •    Increases conversion rates
  •    Betters communication between business and audiences

With that said, not all platforms get you the results you need. You need to find your customers on the social platforms they use. For instance, you cannot try to find a professional environment on any other platform other than LinkedIn. Also, less popular outlets will not help you achieve your goals.

7 platforms to make sure people can find you on

1. Google+

Google is the mother of all platforms. If you need to market your business, use all available Google platforms like Google+ to get the word out on your products and services. The platform is excellent for professional information exchange.

2. Facebook

Facebook is like the largest convergence of audiences from all demographics and location. Facebook is a platform that attracts all generations, unlike other platforms that suit millennials better. Facebook is a powerful platform that can help your business connect with your clients, prospects and also get to learn marketing tactics that work. It is easy to use and manage. Maintain a presence by posting once or twice every day.

3. Twitter

Twitter, like Facebook, features an assortment of all kinds of audiences. The only difference is that older people don’t use twitter as much. Twitter is a popular platform that can help corporations and small businesses to be visible to their prospects. Twitter posts, trends and hashtag spark conversations which can catapult your business into success. Establish thought leadership by leading discussions and posting multiple times each day.

4. Instagram

Instagram is still relatively young and hip which is where visual content thrives. Posting once every day will keep your audience engaged with you. Visual content is what you need to create which includes short videos.

5. LinkedIn

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will help you take care of the social parts of your marketing. For a more grounded approach where you can engage with professionals, your business needs to be on LinkedIn. This is the social site where job seekers, employers, and businesses meet and form connections. Refine your posts to be more informational that humorous and also post at least two times a week.

6. YouTube

If you want to showcase your expertise, package it in an easy to consume way like videos. People enjoy videos because they are visual. To deliver information, a video might be more effective than a long-winded post. Short and precise videos are the best. Many businesses use YouTube because it is a trendy platform. It is also part of Google which means your YouTube videos will rank higher on google. Keep posts to once a week to avoid overwhelming your audience.

7. Reddit

Reddit is another platform that you can use to grow your business and better your marketing techniques. Essentially, Reddit is the best site to find out how good your efforts are. The site works by allowing people to vote on images, text posts, and links. Therefore, when you post your content or link to your website on Reddit, it gets rated and also can spark discussions.

The bottom line

Your business needs social platforms to thrive because that’s where your customers and prospect customers are. Using the platforms mentioned above effectively guarantees increased conversion rates, traffic and builds your brand.

Would you like to begin reaching your marketing goals?