4 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook to Generate More Leads

The success of your business highly depends on your connection with people. Fostering good connections and conversations with your audience will get them to share about you to their friends and family. Once you create trust with your audience, you start to win.

However, while you work to maintain the relationship you have with your audience, you still need to get your business known by more people. Remember your existing audience won’t buy from you every day; therefore you need to attract more prospects.

The way to lure prospects to your site is through effective marketing. Marketing in itself is a broad spectrum of tactics and channels coming together to let people know of your brand, products, and services.

Therefore, what’s the most effective way to generate leads? Lead generation is an essential part of your business. First, more leads mean more recognition and potential sales. Furthermore, the number of leads your campaign converts lets you know how effective the campaign is.

How to generate leads

Lead generation is easy when you do it right. The first thing you need to remember is to have useful content that solves problems for your prospects. When a new prospect visits your site, the first impression plays a critical role. Depending on the quality of your content, they will either bite or disappear.

The customers you need for your business are online looking for information and products that satisfy their needs. You need social media channels for a wider customer base.

Various social media platforms attract different audiences. While you can generate leads using any social media site, let us look at Facebook. Facebook ads are becoming more popular as more businesses take their campaigns to Facebook.

Why should you use Facebook to generate leads? Here are 4 reasons why:

Digital marketing has taken shape and pushed aside other forms of marketing. In recent years, social media has also become an essential marketing channel. Social media channels are the ideal marketing place since you can start conversations and your audiences will freely chime in, give their views and critic.

Therefore, facebook is one of the most popular sites and is an excellent channel for your business to spread wings and generate more leads. Here is why

1. Allows you to connect with audiences

Most people spend their free time online, on social media sites contributing to conversations and discussions. Through facebook, your business can connect and converse with your audiences. This gives you a better understanding of their interests since you get to see what they like. The number of likes and comments on posts, for example, shows you how well you’re connecting.

Besides, facebook is also an excellent platform for the simple reason that you can address customer concerns speedily. Also, you never have to miss a comment or like since you get notifications when people interact with your posts.

2. Great targeting

There are over 1 billion facebook users globally. Do you see what it means to create and sustain a facebook presence? There are people from all demographics on Facebook which makes it easy to target audiences.

First of all, you need effective targeting methods that help you reach the people you want. You may be thinking that specific targeting with facebook is difficult but on the contrary, different posts will spark reactions from different audiences and that’s good for your business.

Typically, you can use facebook to target audiences by connections, interests, location and even behaviour. To take it a step further, you can also specifically target sections of your audience by following their purchase behaviour, creating lookalike audiences, use custom audiences and life-event targeting.

3. Facebook remarketing and retargeting is powerful

Remarketing campaigns is a fantastic way of pushing products and services to remind customers of their existence. Essentially, remarketing involves showing people your ads after they visit your page, which shows interest. With facebook, the amount of time a user spent on your site determines whether remarketing will be effective or not. Therefore, your page should be not only interesting but also informative.

Retargeting, on the other hand, involves pulling back the ones that got away. For instance, if someone clicks on your ad, that’s a sign that something in it sparked interest or curiosity in them. With this in mind, you can, therefore, reach this lead again through Facebook’s power of recognizing users and bringing them closer to you.

4. It is easy to track ad success

It is essential to know how well your campaigns are doing through tracking. Measure the number of leads newly generated by a campaign. You can also find out if your sales shot up or stagnated from the campaign efforts. With Facebook, it is effortless to track the conversion rate of visitors to your page and ad.

Wrapping it up

It is true that almost everyone is on Facebook but getting them to trust in you requires effort. Start conversations that audiences can engage in and also contribute to other pages, like your followers’ posts and comment to establish a two-way relationship.

Through Facebook, you will increase sales and generate more leads if you dress your business in an alluring cloak.

Would you like to begin reaching your marketing goals?