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We analyze your competitors’ strategy.

This includes keywords, channels, ads, referring sites and more.

We review their most important metrics & KPIs.

We help you save time & money by showing you what works.


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“We are so thankful for our partnership with Coreppc, and consider them our own in-house marketing dept. I know my business is in good hands!”



“So glad I decided to work with them! Amazing experience. Dror and his team as so friendly and professional, and they really took the time to get to know my business model and understand my product.”



“My team and I were looking to enhance our marketing activity. I was referred to coreppc by a mutual friend which proved very useful. To say we’ve received personal attention on a daily basis would be an understatement. They helped us create campaigns which proved successful already within the first week. I strongly recommend their service.”



“I’ve worked with dror and his team for years and have always known I can rely on him for all our ppc needs. Most importantly, I know that they deliver on the results we need and hit the goals and kpis we set. In addition (and not any less important), they’re always available. Whether it’s to talk about a new campaign, help solve a quick problem or just brainstorm new ideas, the team is always there to lend from their vast professional experience and insight.”



“we’ve been working with dror for two years now and it has been such a pleasure. He’s been professional, knowledgeable, available and reliable all throughout our time working together. We know we can always turn to him for good advice and his work has been showing great results. We warmly recommend his services.”



“Coreppc has helped us launch and manage our amazon & google campaigns, and as a result of our work we‘ve seen a significant increase in sales and profitability. We’ve been able to track our weekly progress, and the work done has been extremely professional and coherent. Highly recommended to new and growing businesses.”



“Allcloud had the pleasure of working with coreppc for 2 and a half years. Dror managed allcloud‘s google ppc and paid social campaigns and we were extremely happy with the effectiveness of his results and responsiveness. Working with dror was one of the most seamless experiences we had with a digital marketing agency. He’s knowledgeable, professional, and extremely reliable. Our lead generation volume and quality increased, leading to new opportunities and results in the company’s bottom line. Dror is a strategic partner and team player, and allcloud would highly recommend working with him.”


Frequently Asked Questions

We have worked with 600+ companies across all markets, including: North America, Europe, Australia, and South America. Our clients have gone to raise $150m+ including: Atera, AllCloud, Heritage Tours, Omnitelecom and others.

Our marketing plans are suited for digital-based startups, as well as developed businesses. COREPPC has developed marketing strategies for companies across numerous verticals & helped create a strong online presence for large globally ranked organizations including technology vendors and startups.

100% yes. We provide consulting as well as full-managed services. Due to the high volume of requests for digital marketing plans, our team works on a first-come first-served basis. We have created 600+ marketing plans since 2014 to companies of all sizes including technology vendors and startups. If you’re interested in our full-managed marketing services please contact us.

Please keep in mind that it takes a well developed marketing plan as well as proper execution to succeed. Because of this, we cannot offer revisions or refunds. Our team is fully committed to helping your business grow with the highest quality, and actionable, marketing plan – so on that front, we’ve got you covered.

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