5 AdWords Habits That Can Help You Improve Your Reach

5 AdWords habits that can help you improve your reach

As a business owner, you’ve come across Google AdWords by now, and you’ve also heard of their usefulness to marketing campaigns. What you may not know however is that you don’t have to spend too much on AdWords.

To put it simply, Google AdWords is effective even if you don’t pour all your marketing budget on it granted you adopt habits that can help you spend your AdWords wisely. Your Ad format will determine the kind of people clicking on it, therefore, formulate an ad that gets the most out of your efforts.

Besides, AdWords work across the board since you can use them for your YouTube campaigns. This helps optimize your YouTube videos rank. Furthermore, Google AdWords helps your ads automatically feature on Google search partners’ network.

Therefore, to improve your reach using AdWords, here are five habits that can help. These habits will help you with display campaigns network as well as the search network.

5 useful AdWords habits

1.   Track conversions

The best way to find out whether your marketing efforts are yielding results is to track the conversion rates. This is no different when using Google AdWords. It is important to monitor which keywords are prompting conversions in terms of sales and lead generation.

Conversion tracking will help you manage your bids and also increase your ROI. Conversions are not only the number of people becoming leads, but it can also be those who become customers and those who sign-up. But most importantly, track conversions in order to know what keywords to promote

2.  Implement remarketing

Googles remarketing option helps you repackage and remarket your AdWords campaigns to get the most out of them. While this is not a widely known fact, taking advantage and remarketing your campaigns for CPC can improve your ROI.

Essentially, you configure the remarketing option to your analytics and that way you get to find out visitors who came to your site via your AdWords campaign. It will also go a step further to help you know visitors who can potentially convert into leads or customers. With this information, you can use it to drum up your AdWords campaign remarketing success.

3.  Make use of audience targeting

The success of any marketing efforts depends on your ability to reach your target audience. In other words, define your audience and create your ad around them. Google AdWords helps you zero in on specific audiences. This is true for both display campaigns and search campaigns.

Moreover, Google’s custom intent campaign helps you reach your ideal audience. In this case, you can build your custom intent audience or let the machine learn and automatically create your list for you. Audience targeting with AdWords helps you reach and market to your ideal audience and also retarget visitors who’ve had interactions with your business, site or ads in the past.

Another important aspect of audience targeting is the affinity targeting. This is where you position your ad to reach an audience based on their interests, purchase behaviour, and lifestyle. Demographic targeting is also an essential feature that ensures your ad is shown to the gender and age you’re targeting. Besides, it also makes sure that your ad is not shown to people who aren’t your target audience.

4.  Create responsive ads

When your ad has the ability to adapt, it makes it enticing and effective. Responsive ads will automatically adjust depending on the ad space they’re on. To be more specific, your ad will change its size, format, and appearance in order to fit.

What does this mean for you? You only have to create one AdWords ad; if it appears on a large space, it can adjust itself to include images. In a smaller area, it may remove pictures and realign text to be understandable and compelling. Responsive ads give a lot of power and extend reach for a single ad.

5.  Use auction insights

Auction insights will help you maximize your ads reach. Before explaining how it works and its benefits, auction insight is a keyword, campaign or ad group report. Therefore, this report will compare impressions to competitors who place their bids on the same searches on you. Also, it shows whether placing a high bid translates to a higher google rank and the number of times that the campaign is at the top position on google.

Therefore, auction insights help you allocate your AdWords budget effectively by ensuring that you know which keywords are more competitive than others. In turn, you get to improve your reach and ROI.

To conclude

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign and pumping money into it might not be as effective as employing tactics that improve your campaign success. To succeed in using AdWords, you need to understand all available tools to boost your reach as well as the habits above that optimize the use of AdWords.

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