4 Ways To Improve Brand Awareness on Facebook & Instagram

Your brand is what’s unique about you. It doesn’t matter how good you are at advertising or how much money you have to spend, without a reliable brand, the business will crumble. However, merely having a brand won’t cut it, you need to create awareness for your brand.

A brand is a package that is your business. What is your name, logo, values, mission, content, and experience? Your brand will play a significant role in forging trust between you and your audience. Since no two brands are alike, getting people to trust in your brand is essential.

Ideally, your brand helps people distinguish you from your competitors. Once you have established a brand, you need to build it by getting people to know about it. Brand awareness, therefore, is a process through which you, a business owner strengthens the memorability of your brand in your audiences’ minds. Simply put, strive to create familiarity.

How does building brand awareness help your business?

  •    Helps with product launches
  •    Promotes your business
  •    Sets you apart from other competitors
  •    Upholds your business values

With these benefits in mind, you now wonder how to create brand awareness right? Well, there are many ways of ensuring people recognize your brand and also building your brand awareness. Even better, many channels assist you in creating awareness for your brand.

In your quest to build brand awareness, you need to identify what works and what doesn’t because many ways will be futile. Here are some practical ways to build your brand awareness.

  1.    Use social media and ensure to keep your message consistent across all networks
  2.    Take part in local events
  3.    Use hashtags

Using Facebook and Instagram to build brand awareness

Facebook and Instagram are excellent marketing platforms if you use them well. They are both social sites that have similarities and differences. Use this to benefit your business. First of all, Instagram is more visual centered while Facebook is an inclusive site. Does this, however, mean that you need to employ different strategies for each? Not necessarily, fortunately, some ways work for both outlets that can improve your brand awareness.

Take note that you need to have a marketing budget to facilitate your campaigns. These two social platforms will help you refine your audiences and achieve a unique reach. This, in turn, translates to business success.

Having an Instagram and Facebook account is a good start, but to build awareness will take time and a lot of strategic effort. Your Instagram followers will not magically appear; you need to create recognition and entice people to your page. The same goes for Facebook and other social media outlets.

The good news is that, if you can implement the tips below, you will gradually build a strong brand that people can recognize easily.

4 Ways To Improve Brand Awareness on Facebook & Instagram

1. Deploy video campaigns

The great relief of using Instagram for brand awareness is that it is a very visual site. People tend to prefer visual campaigns since they’re easy to remember. They also leave a stronger impression. Facebook also allows for short video clips.

Posting short video clips that outline your products and service benefits will help create awareness for your brand. Make a memorable, catchy and informative clip. Through sharing on both platforms, your clip garners more viewers.

2.    Ask questions

Your audiences need engagement to feel closer to you. To show that you care and are interested in what your audience does builds brand awareness. When you pose a question, people will be prompted to share their experiences based on the subject, and that gets people talking about you.

Furthermore, statistics show that question posts attract more likes and comments than any other type of post. Take advantage of this knowledge.

3.  Ad relevance

You already know your target audience by heart and have your strategy in place, don’t forget to ensure that your ad is relevant to your audience. Ad relevance plays a significant role in your audiences’ decision to view or ignore your ad. Remember if your ad is performing poorly, you’ll find out through your cost per click rates. Don’t celebrate when you pay less.

4.  Use contests

Contests are a great way to get people to engage with your business. For instance, if you hold a photo contest where the winner is determined through Facebook likes, people will actively mention your business in a bid to win the contest.

Reward contest winners with freebies and they become ambassadors of your business. If you hold a contest regularly, for example, once a month, you also manage to build anticipation as people wait for the contest to begin. Remember to be creative.


It is not enough that you have a brand. You also need to build brand awareness else your business will remain stagnated. Social media sites are powerful tools for creating awareness for your brand. Utilize them well and reap the fruits of your strategized efforts.

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